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Friday, August 27th, 2010

How are all my friends out there? Hope so far so good! Yes, still to hear from  my publishers as to when the draft will be sent to me for approval. By my calculation, it should be 2nd week in September. Keep your fingers crossed for me…! I went to the theatre yesterday to see Kiri Te Kanawa, Opera singer with my granddaughter. It was very enjoyable. I surprised myself that I did actually had fun, even my granddaughter who is a disco buff! Anyway enough of my day – why don’t we try and cook something. Now let’s do a little tap tap tap to the kitchen and……..One thick sliced bread, crust off, then cut into little squares and fried using butter or olive oil until brown. One large egg, fried in butter cooked on both sides. couple of streaky bacon grilled. When cooked, arrange bread first on the plate, top the bread with the egg and finally top with the grilled bacon and last but not least, the white man’s favourite sauce, “tomato sauce” which should be drizzled round your plate to make it look pretty. You all remember Prime Minister, Harold Wilson in the 60’s, tomato sauce was his favourite sauce. He had it with every meal that he ate.  This is a very naughty breakfast for you to enjoy on Sunday morning whilst reading your Sunday newspaper and if you have friends staying over, increase the quantity. This is a waistline enhancer, so go easy on it. Shall I say once every fortnight! Don’t be too greedy…………..

It’s past my bed time so off to bed.

I shall be coming back to give you more soon.



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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

Bonjour/Bonsoir to all my friends

Been a weekend of trying different ingredients and as usual cooking whatever.  This time I made an interesting and simple dessert with peaches bought, as usual, from my local market. I often wondered why people go to supermarkets to buy their fruit and veg if they have a local veg. market near them……..It’s so handy if you’ve large family. Especially vegetables, you buy them, you blanch and freeze, make soup of any kind with a little bit of imagination you can become a Delia in disguise, stir fry them or finally make a vegetable loaf with them. Anyway enough of me and my vegetables. This is what I did with the peaches I bought from the market. Do you know what : this recipe is so simple, you can make it with your eyes shut! Come on, let’s hit the road Jack: 2 large peaches – peel skin by immersing in boiling water for a couple minutes, peel, cut in half removing seed. Melt 50gr butter, add 2tbsp brown sugar, keep stirring on low heat until sugar has dissolved (please be careful not to burn or it’ll taste like quinnine), then add 1tbsp of fresh lemon juice and 1 tbsp rum, keep stirring for a couple of minutes and finally add peaches. Stir well by tossing the peaches to caramelise for about 5mins. Take off heat, serve in individual dessert dish, top with ice cream and drizzle the sauce over the peaches. This will definitely send you to a “slumber”. Do you know what, I specifically gave this dessert to my husband in the hope that it’ll grow his hair, but I very much doubt it. I am trying. By the way he is a “baldie”. Any suggestions?

Au revoir by friends until next time


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Sunday, August 22nd, 2010

My dear friends all over the world

Been resting my weary head hence you haven’t heard from me!

So having rested, my husband and I were invited to a friends for a “quickie” barbeque. Wonderful! It was one of those convivial get togethers where you are all relaxed and gossiping until Thy Kingdom come……..! Nothing malicious.

Shall be back with you all shortly.

Take care


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Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

Hello friends

You might be wondering where the hell have I been. Well been gallivanting all over the place. A very good friend of mine just arrived from  Jamaica over the weekend and we had a wail of a time indeed. We stayed up one evening until 2am, don ‘t ask me what we were talking about – Just catching up………. Another interesting episode – waiting for my granddaughter to reply to an email message I sent her and what did she reply in her message : “hello granny” , goodnight. I wonder if she was trying to tell me “go and have a night sleep or “bugger off”. Whatever it is, I’m sure she meant well.

Until next time, enjoy whatever you’re doing and please keep looking in.



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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010


Just back from the gym!  Instead of going straight home, went to the vegetable market and got myself some strawberries – very cheap! this is what I ended up doing with it, I’ve called it “strawberry pulp”. Why? Because I mash it first of all into a pulp before use.

Ingredients: 200gr strawberries; 250ml double cream; 4tbsp castor sugar; 1tbsp rum. Mash strawberries in a basin, then pass through a sieve. Reserve. Meanwhile, whip cream and sugar till stiff, then add the strawberries and rum, stir to blend. Rest in fridge for 30min. Serve in individual glasses, garnish with mint leaves.

This recipe is so light, you should serve this if your main has been very heavy round your waistline………

Be happy, keep cooking!


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Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Been quiet the past few days – thinking about all sorts as to what to write to bring you closer.  When trying to write to unknown people, one needs to think long and hard as to what to put to paper to titillate one’s thoughts. Do you know what, something interesting suddenly came to mind, especially when you’re inviting friends  from  different parts of the world to lunch, dinner or whatever.  Beware of their mental attitude towards food and their sense of appreciation.  A word of advice though:  never serve  Indian curry to an Indian friend, unless you’re from India. The taste will be completely different and you’ll end up being mocked behind your back when they get home.  Likewise, when you invite me for lunch/dinner, don’t serve me  fufu and sauce, as for a white man cooking this recipe is a complete “No No”.

I must leave you to get about your business until next time.

See ya!

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Friday, August 6th, 2010


Been a frustrating day! Been waiting for my website man to sort one or two things on the site that he created but to no avail. He promised he’ll sort it yesterday, today or even…… Still waiting!

Anyway enough of my woes – a little recipe for you, especially the vegetarians out there!

Fry 1 small chopped onion, 1 chopped deseeded yellow sweet pepper in  1tbsp butter, on medium/low heat stir intermittently for ingredients to cook slightly. Sprinkle garlic powder, 1 crushed maggie cube, 1tsp cajun seasoning, keep stirring until blended. Then add baby spinach leaf  (as much as you want about 50gr) and stir until wilted together with a pinch of ground chilli (optional) finally add 1 large beaten egg. Stir quickly to blend properly with the other ingredients.  Taste to check seasoning. Serve with fried or boiled yam.Oh! it’s heaven. Have you been there? You are there now once you’ve cooked and eaten this recipe.  Let’s know what’s like.

Goodbye and happy cooking


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Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

Hello beautiful people!

Thank you all for looking in. Though my cookery manuscript is still with the publishers (I’m assured draft will be ready within 5/6 weeks’time) I shall intermittently be showcasing some of my fantabulous recipes to die for. Watch this space!



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Tuesday, 3rd August 2010

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Hi everyone!

Have you tried my yam goulash? If you haven’t, you’re missing something.  Do you know what: my granddaughter is here to see me and I’m going to prepare the yam goulash to whet her appetite. As my book is in the process of being published, I shall be putting more and more recipes on my blog for you to enjoy.

Cheers all


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