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Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Hello, Bon jour,’allo, jambo jambo, mee-how, kedu, hola, buon giorno, etc, etc, etc,

This is my international greetings to  my friends all over the world!! I sincerely hope you’re able to decipher the same. Anyway enough of my greetings – you might be wondering where the hell I’ve been. Unfortunately, I have been  very poorly. I’ve never had problems with my tooth/teeth before, but out of the blue, I had this excruciating tooth pain. In the meanwhile, I had to dose myself with paracetamol whilst awaiting for an appointment from the dentist. I duly attended the dental surgery, and on examining me, he confirmed that my back tooth for whatever reason  had cracked and had to be taken out. What a complete shock horror! He duly proceeded to injecting me with a local anaesthetic. 10/15minutes had elapsed when he carefully used his surgical pliers to hack my back tooth out. The pain was worse than child birth pain. So for the past couple of days, no solid food – just nursery liquidised junk!  As I write, I’m feeling sorry for myself and I hope you all do too for me.

Because I have not been able to experiment with any ingredients, I shall tell you a little funny story of my encounter with a lonely horse in the fields on my way to the gym. There was a chestnut horse always grazing quietly in the fields. He was enclosed by a strong wooden fence.  By the look on his face I often wondered whether he was thinking of some kind of freedom.  Surely he was and when the day arrived, he went to the gate and with his muzzle he pushed the fastening on the gate very hard and then with a push and a heave the gate opened.  The horse tossed his head round and round and then kicked his front legs up into the air as if to say “eureka” am free, and galloped away into the distance never to be seen again.

My friends, I hope you enjoy my story and also find it funny!

See you all soon

Take care and goodbye, adios, ciao, etc.etc

Nina G

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Tuesday, September 21st, 2010

Hello, hello, hello, dear friends, here we go again. I hope you all had a good weekend and as for me, I’m back from the land of “noddy”. It was quite a boozy weekend, but am very good at holding my own! It was quite a convivial affair, meeting up with friends of old and gossiping about whatever until thy kingdom come. Having said that, at the back of my mind, I still had thoughts about my cooking friends, wondering what else to give your dull palate a gastronomical boost. This is a little simple recipe for your delectation last thing in the evening when you’re about to retire. Not only good for when you’re about to retire, but it is also a night time toddy for when you feel a running nose coming up. So, before you wrap yourself up in a thick blanket, here we go again:

This is my toddy: 1 large egg, beaten; 150ml milk, 1 heaped tsp sugar, 1tbsp brandy or whisky.

Whisk egg and sugar together. In the meanwhile heat milk (do not allow to boil) then add to the whisked egg. Stir well with a fork. Finally add the whisky or brandy. Stir again and empty contents into a tall glass. Now this is the fun bit : as you are about to retire having changed into your nightie or pyjamas, sit quietly, whilst contemplating about going to work the next day, slowly sip your drink and before you know it, you’re falling asleep.

I had this drink a couple of weeks ago, sat next to my husband and guess what I said to him – darling Darby, we are getting old and grey, 20 years since our wedding day, the shadow and sun for everyone, as the years roll on!

On that note, I shall leave you all to contemplate .

All my love to you.

Nina G

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Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Hello beautiful people!

I hope my mail reaches you all well. I can hear you all saying it loud and clear : “of course we are well.”

In my last blog I did mention that I went to Clarence House, Prince Charles’ main residence, where a party was held for those who were fortunate enough to get a ticket to save the planet by doing little things in our daily lives to make a difference, e specially buying locally sourced ingredients. Going round the stalls I came across an interesting ingredient, though it’s been around a while, but have never heard of or eaten it. It is called “Spelt”. It is slowly being introduced into the main stream supermarkets, but a word of warning – they are a bit on  the expensive side. It’s a wholegrain.  Expensive or not, I love it.  It’s got many uses : one of them being if you suffer from bloating, this grain I find is good for you. You can make risotto with it, use the flour in making bread, (if you’re good at it but I’m not), make healthy scones, serve hot with butter and jam, or if you would like to increase your waistline, have it with double cream!

Guess what! I tried it out by making a small risotto for one. Join me and let’s hit the road Jack/Jill to the kitchen and prepare my rissotto:  50gr spelt, 1 small can of peas, (as I’m speaking to you in French, it’s called petits pois) 1 tsp Aromat savoury seasoning, 3tbsp butter, 20gr grated Parmesan cheese or Cheddar.  Cook spelt in 250mls of  water until cooked, i.e. soft to the touch. Now add butter, Drain peas from can and add to the spelt. Sprinkle the savoury seasoning to the spelt. Stir well to blend. Taste spelt to make sure you’re happy with the seasoning, if not add a little salt and some coarse black pepper. Serve in a warm dish garnishing with the cheese and chilli flakes (optional). What could be simpler! This goes well served with white wine or Rosaa.

To all the Jakes/Jills out there, I’ll come back no more, no more, no more, until the weekend when I shall be scintilating your taste buds further with orgasmic recipes for you to enjoy!

Take care in whatever you do in your daily lives and shall be coming back to you soon.

Bye bye for now or shall I say “TTFN” – all my friends.

Nina G

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Monday, September 13th, 2010

Hello, hello, hello, I’m back again. You all might be wondering where the hell I’ve been. Well believe it or not, have been rubbing shoulder with “royalty”. As you all may have heard in the press, the Prince of  Wales was organising a garden party named “START” :  in other words how we can save the planet and make a difference. It was interesting, not having been to Clarence House before. I do not wish to bore you too much, but shall give you more in depth story about my experiences.

Today, I invited some family friends to Sunday lunch. Just to make you all jealous and put you to shame, I served some mouth watering dishes as follows: starter was carrot balls served with green salad and Chinese chilli sauce, main course was slow braised beef garnished with roasted Julienne parsnips, mash and fried spinach and dessert was caramelised peaches with rum topped with ice cream.

I don’t want you all to miss out, so this is a little buffet dish for you if you are having a party: 200gr cooked rice, mix with 1 small can pimento, then add 1 small tin sweetcorn, 100gr cooked peas, 50gr sultanas, handful of chopped almonds. Mix all the ingredients together, followed by 3tbsp vinaigrette, pinch of mustard, 1tbsp dessicated coconut, followed by a pinch of sugar if you’ve got sweet tooth. Mix well and turn into a serving bowl for guests to help themselves.

Voila and enjoy!

Goodbye beautiful people and see you all soon.


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Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Hello, hello, hello to my dear friends all over the world! How are you all? As for me, I’m still here blogging to pass away the time, whilst waiting to receive my draft cookery book for my approval! One question dear friends : do you all love fruits? Personally I love them. Not only do you bite into them, especially if they are crunchy to give you strong teeth, they also give you all the vitamins and minerals that you require to survive. Especially, as we are approaching the winter months, this is the time to stock up. I love figs, especially this time of year, they are plentiful, so make the most of it. I’ve got a little quickie dessert recipe for you all. I love everything “quickie” – no messing about! One advice about eating figs : if you’re wearing “falsie” i.e. false teeth, avoid them like a plague as the seeds in the figs will stick under your falsie plate. I can hear you say, I bet she wears a falsie. I can assure you I do not! My falsie friends told me not to serve them figs. Anyway, enough of my dentistry advice. Let’s have a little rumpapa dance into the kitchen to do some cooking. That’s the only thing that keeps my brain ticking… Have a couple of washed figs, slit them open into wedges to form a star shape. Prepare bechamel sauce as usual by adding a quarter lemon grass just to fuse to give it a bit of oriental flavour. When sauce is ready discard the lemon grass. Serve in dessert dish by topping the sauce in the middle of the figs, drizzle some honey over the figs and serve. I’ve never tasted a dessert so orgasmic. Believe you me, you’ve got to try this at home and I’ll be so looking forward to hearing of your mishaps. If you succeed you’re a good cook and if you fail, you’ll be receiving the title of a “bad cook” from me.  Sorry friends, I’m not being too hard, just to make sure you all have your daily dose of vitamins.

In the meantime, I shall be signing off now for the weekend, to prepare myself for the boogie nights ahead. Shall see you all on Monday.

Love you all and God bless!


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Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Hello dear friends

How are you all and hope life is treating you wherever you are very kindly! You might be wondering where the hell I’ve been. But as you all know, it’s been the English bank holiday and typically, the weather has not been very kind to us all. So I decided to disappear underground to rest my weary head….! Any way we did manage to survive the wrath of the August weather and I predict, as we enter the month of September, it’s going to be a bikini weather so join me and let’s sunbathe either in your back garden or anywhere you prefer! But one thing I can assure you is that it will take you so many cans, tubes, or bottles of sun lotion to catch up with me by way of acquiring a beautiful bronze body! Anyway having read my little tease, may I can now revert to what I know best, i.e. cooking.  Have you all tried my yam goulash?  Well if you haven’t, you are all missing something that will make you run and gain  speed like a cheetah. Do you remember Usain Bolt, the Jamaican athlete and world champion? Well, he is fed on a yam dish. That’s why he is powerful, tall with very long legs and has speed of up to 100 metres in under 10 seconds. So if you want speed in your life and would like to run like Usain Bolt or a cheetah, try and eat my yam goulash. I would be so delighted if you would let me have your comments having tried my dish. Incidentally,the recipe for my yam goulash is on my web page.

I have to go now as it’s past my bed time!

By happy, keep cooking and have fun reading my blog

Take care my beautiful friends and Ciao!


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