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Wednesday, March 9th, 2011

My lovely people, how are you all? You might be wondering what the hell had happened to her? I bet you thought I was dead! No I am not. In a nutshell, I had problems with my blogging system. I knew when I set up my website/blog that I would receive as many traffic as possible, but to my horror, what did I get, was spam after spam that had no relation to my cookery site, sex websites after sex websites. At one point, I thought the world had this impression that I am a sex maniac – for which I am not, I can assure you of that. In the end I contacted my website man to save me from this horror, which he duly obliged. For your information, I have now had akismet fitted to filter out the unnecessary spam! I mean in one day, I might receive up to 6/700 spam in my blog and it really depressed me. Anyway, that has now been sorted and am so pleased. Since it was fitted I’ve only had a couple of messages and they do relate to what my site is all about – food!

In the meanwhile, I was chosen to appear on the Channel 4 programme “Come dine with me”. Unfortunately, I did not win, as the guests that I had paired off with did not have what I would term “having polished taste buds.” What I prepared was from my fusion cookery book. i.e. stuffed cucumber with corned beef, slow roast brisket of beef, served with yam rosti and Philadelphia cheese courgettes and finally, caramelised pineapple served with Pisan Ambong (a banana liquer).I am not making any excuses, but why anyone would not fancy these dishes is beyond me. At the end of the recording, I heard little voices commenting and for which I concur as well, that some guests in their wisdom will dish out low marks to their opponents, in the hope that they’ll end up winning the £1,000 prize money. To me, it seems that the spirit of what the show is about, i.e.(give your marks according to how you rate the dishes) seems to have lost its oomph!! Which is very disappointing to say the least.

A couple of weeks ago , I was sent to a casting for a Grandmother’s role and to my surprise, I was told I did not look the part, as my physical appearance was not ageing enough, i.e. looking for somebody with lots and lots of wrinkles. Unfortunately, my services were declined. Ces’t la vive!

And finally, it was my grand-daughter’s 18th birthday on the 8th. Her becoming an adult, makes me feel even older than 67 years. It was interesting that we both went shopping, and in the shop and whilst trying to get my attention to an item, she yelled out the word”granny” and to my surprise, I could see heads in the shop turned in unison. I suppose they were surprised to see a young looking 67 year old in their midst. How lovely……!!

Anyway, enough of myself. Now that my blogging site has been sorted, you’ll be hearing more from me, this time with mouth-watering recipes for you to try.

By the way, have you got hold of my fusion cookery book? If you have, let me know if you’ve been able to try some of the recipes and how were your efforts. If not and you fancy acquiring a copy, why not go to or at priced at £9.99 + postage. Have fun everyone.

Love you all



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