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Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

This is just to update you as to the outcome of my  cooking demonstration at Greenwich.  The night before the event I was filled with uncertainty, not having done this before. But my fears were unfounded. Nearer the appointed time for the arrival of my audience, I was so relaxed  in that I did not care if anything goes wrong. I am not one for writing things down, so being such a clever girl (haha) my poor little head was filled with what to say and to whom and when asked certain questions, the answers to be given. In the end everything came up trumps!! Books sold, food tasted, comments made, people licking their lips ( the food (even though I cooked it) I must say was very tasty) and so many comments like “Oh! how refreshing to taste something totally different from the norm.”

And, because of the overwhelming feed back I had received, I have decided to do another demonstration, this time at Blackheath in October. Time and venue to be announced in the near future.

Finally, I’ve just finished filming a documentary for Channel 4 to be shown  when its been edited and given the green light to transmit. As of now, I know it is called “Dilemma”.  If that’s what it is to be called in the future, remains to be seen. As you and I know, production companies are in the habit of changing their minds every minute of the day!!

So I shall have to leave you all now until I come back to you. In the meantime, please stay safe and God Bless!!

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Thursday, August 4th, 2011

On this day, I am holding a demonstration of my fusion cooking 0n 6th August at the Greenwich West Community & Arts Centre, 141 Greeenwich High Road, London SE10 from 12noon to 3pm. I am looking forward to it being a fun day, lots of tasting and giving ideas as to how to create different ingredients into something for the whole family. Its going to be cheap, simple and exotic!! So make the effort to attend, as I would dearly love your presence, if only to watch me talking “nonsense! (hahaha!!).

So there we go – see ya!!

Love to you all


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