My first ever food column for Dartford Living – 30/9/2011

Nina in the Garden

Nina in the Garden

Blackberry Pudding

Blackberry Pudding

This is my first ever Food Column for my local monthly magazine. I am so proud of myself and I hope you are too!  I’ve started very small (not wanting to be too greedy!!!!) with a simple recipe i.e blueberry dessert.  Just a little for the whole family to enjoy after dinner. So, by all means click on the link below and turn to page 21 to see my beautiful work. I am not blowing my own trumpet, but you need to prepare and eat it to come to the same conclusion!! So do me a favour, prepare and enjoy!!!!!

View my article in Dartford Living Magazine

Have fun and have a good day!

See you all soon


Nina G



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  • Elisabeth Winkler says:

    I am PROUD!

    And on the front cover, too – well done!

    Blueberry dessert…with rum…YUM

    I suggest you post the recipe again on your blog

    to make it easier to read and follow.