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PERSONAL : 1/12/11

Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Cookery Demonstration at Blackheath

Cookery Demonstration at Blackheath


I’ve heard experience speakers say how nervous they were before any kind of speech. Well this happened to me, because the day before my demonstration, I passed the night sleepless, and when dawn broke, I heard birds singing and when I looked out of my window, I saw them flying into the sky and disappeared into the distance. How wonderful!!

I held my cookery demonstration at Blackheath Cookery schoool. I was enormously impressed by the ostentatious grandeur of the kitchen where I held the demonstration. It was well attended. I treated the assembled guests to my signature dish of blackeyed beans and sweet potato pie, which they thoroughly enjoyed. I explained in detail the many facets of my original dish and its pros and cons. And looking at the joyful expression on the faces of my guests, tells me that they were having a treat!! Thereafter, it was time for questions and answers : I tried my best to give detailed answers and assured the novices amongst us that cooking is a joy and not a chore.


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