It’s been a long time! I have forgotten you- honest!.

It was my 70th birthday recently, and I took the opportunity of travelling and at the same time, exploring the possibility of gathering new recipes. My travels took my husband and I to Paris, then Milan and finally to Roma. Though we saw all the tourist sites, but I was on a mission for new recipes at the same time. Believe it or not, I found one by way of a chef who is in the business of teaching tourists cooking traditional Italian food, courtesy of the hotel we stayed.

The Italian chef goes by the name of Fabio Bongianni. He encourages creativity and wants you to draw inspiration from the fresh ingredients of the season. He teaches the basics of preparing Italian pastas, etc.

He says Italian never uses mincemeat with their pastas, only in England!!. He showed me how to use fresh tomatoes for pastas, which I shall feature in the next couple of days.

The day  ended with us stuffing our faces with our efforts and washing it down with nice local Italian red wine.

See you in a couple of days my friends.





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  • Jeremy J Gaskell says:

    She was nicely “oiled” by the time I met her at one of Fabio’s three lovely Rome restaurants after her cooking session!