Caramelised Peach in cardamom sauce

Caramelised Peach in cardamom sauce


This is my own take on caramelised peach with a touch of cardamom seeds!!


4 ripe Peaches submerged in hot water for 5 mins then peel off the skin and reserve

Grated rind of 1 lemon and then  squeeze out the juice and keep

50g unsalted butter

4tbsp of honey

6 cardamom pods, crushed removing the outer layer

2tbsp of rum

Heat the butter on medium heat, add the cardamom seeds, followed by the honey and the rind of  the lemon, stirring all the time for about 5mins.  Now add the peeled peaches, basting continuously followed by the juice of lemon and rum until the peaches  are covered. Basting should continue for another 5mins or so until the whole peaches have caramelised.

To serve: In a serving dish, pour the sauce over the peach or alternatively, pour the remainder of the rum over the peach and light so that the dish is flaming. If not, serve with your favourite ice-cream.



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