Rice and sugarsnap peas

Rice and sugarsnap peas

 When rice is cooked, it weighs 3 x its original weight – so be careful you get the right amount required.

In terms of nutritional  value, rice is the most important crop in the world. In Asia, rice provides their total calorie intake. Brown rice has more nutritional value than white rice, this is because the outerbrown layer contains proteins/minerals, whilst the white rice contains mainly carbohydrate. Interestingly, the Chinese doesn’t seem to put on weight as theyconsume more rice than any other race.  Can anyone give me  the answer why, please?

Ingredients: (4)

350g long grain rice

A mixed tub containing (350g) soya beans, butter beans, coriander, sugarsnap peas, broad beans, peas and spinach.

1 Medium onion peeled and chopped

2 garlic cloves, peeled and crushed

1 vegetable cube dissolved in 750ml of warn water (chicken stock for preference)

2tbsp of vegetable oil

1tbsp butter

125g button mushrooms

1tbsp tomato puree

A bowful of grated Parmesam cheese

First parboil the rice in salted boiling water in a large pan. Remove and drain a few minutes before it is completely cooked and reserve in a warm pan. Meanwhile, fry the onions, mushrooms and garlic for about 5mins stirring intermittently. Add the stock,  tomato puree and butter and allow to simmer for 5mins. Add the rice and cook gently for a further 15minutes, and then add the tub of vegetables and cook for 10mins. Check for softness of the rice, adding more stock if the rice appears dry (mind you it must be moist). Do not overcook or the flavour will disappear. Continue stirring to avoid sticking until the rice is cooked and is soft to touch

Serve on individual plates but hand the cheese bowl to guests to help themselves.

Eeeeasy peeeesy!!

Happy cooking everybody!!





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  • Jeremy J Gaskell says:

    Looks really yummy!