Me & James advert for "AGA"

Me & James advert for "AGA"


I joined James Mckintosh to make advert for AGA in Marylebone High Street. It was decided that I would prepare something”quick” as I was allowed only 45mins from start to finish, so I opted for my yam goulash.  It was a dish that the crew members and James enjoyed tremendously and I was thrilled with the outcome.


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  • Elisabeth Winkler says:

    Brilliant in so many ways!

    James Mckintosh + Aga ovens + yam goulash

    = Top event!

  • Nina says:

    thanks for your kind reply. James got in touch with me and wanted somebody to be in the advert with him for AGA. It was a fun day!
    Hope you’re keeping well.x

  • Marlene Myrie says:

    Hello Nina –
    I apologize for not communicating with you more often, just plain busy, I am sorry, you are always on my mind, when I see you and promise myself to write tomorrow, well today is tomorrow.
    I hope you are doing well, and your business is ablaze!
    I’m trying to clime out of a deep hole, long story, but as you know – we are survivors who will always rise to the occasion, I’m also praying and believing that even if we don’t understand at times, things do happen the way they do for a reason, and so hold on and keep hope alive!!!
    Glad to talk, please keep in touch – God bless!!!

    Marlene Myrie

  • Linda says:

    sweet potato goulash, I have been eating 1 times and the taste is really impressive. friv juegos