Nina Gaskell

I am grandmother, 3 times over, was born in Nigeria and have lived in the UK since 1963. I came over with the aid of the British Council, who in those days encouraged young people from the Commonwealth to come to the UK to study and develop their skills. I married in 1965 and in the interim the Biafran war broke out in 1967, raged for 3 years, and I never went back. My second husband and I have travelled widely, especially since we retired, and the food we have tasted worldwide has inspired me to write a recipe book fusing African ingredients with European and other ingredients together with relevant herbs and spices.  For example, rather than making moussaka in the Greek style, I use plantain instead of aubergine.  One of my signature dishes (shown below) is my black-eyed beans and sweet potato pie, which is really like a shepherd’s pie but with black-eyed beans instead of mince and sweet potato instead of ordinary potato.


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Appeared on  “Come Dine with Me – Medway” show, click here to watch on 30th May 2011, where you can enjoy my appearance on the show I cannot remember when last I enjoyed myself so much with the help of like-minded souls.Although I did not win the cooking contest – which was unfortunate – my dinner guests were not prepared to push food boundaries as they were quite happy not to move away from their comfort zone. Having said that, I did not find it off-putting, as it has given me the strength to carry on and convince people that there are a wide range of different tastes out there which they ought to explore.

Please enjoy the video above and leave comments. Thanks

  • Alice says:


    I’m the editor of online magazine http://www.catchavibe.co.uk and I am currently putting together an article titled 25 Gift Ideas Under £50 that will be published early November. The idea is to promote ethnic products and designs as Christmas gifts. All items will be listed with their names, the name of the designer/author, price, website, and a short description. I would like to include your book African Fusion Cooking.

    Let me know if you would like your book to be featured in our list. If so, please send us a picture with the following specifications:
    – Size: 200 pixels (minimum)
    – Resolution: 72dpi
    – Product on a white background

    It is entirely free for you to be listed in the guide. We’d like to run a big competition and offer some of the itemslisted as prizes. Please let us know if you would like to offer one copy of your book as a prize.

    We published a similar guide last year titled The Contemporary African Fashion Guide that was viewed more than 9000 times. We plan on achieving the same level of success with the Gift Ideas list.

    Looking forward to hearing from you,

    Alice Gbelia
    07590 460355

  • Beth says:

    Hi there,
    We spotted your site and thought you might fancy entering our Soup of the Month competition? With our new theme we are looking for soups from around the world and we’d love to try a fusion soup recipe of yours if you have one? bit.ly/xSdybB

  • Nina says:

    Hello Beth

    Thank you for inviting me to take part in the soup of the month competition. I’ve sent in 2 entries, red sweet pepper and coconut milk soup and sweet potato and blackeyed beans soup. I trust you and your staff will enjoy both equally.

  • Temi says:

    loool ur 2 funii

  • Temi says:

    yu laugh alot which ilove i remember yu from come dine with me

  • Nina says:

    Thank you for taking the time to look at my website – much appreciated! Above all, thanks for the compliment!!

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