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Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

This is the story of my tv life how it all started many moons ago and am still at it at this present time. I hope you all my dear friends, i.e. “my partners in crime” will enjoy the same!!!!

In summary, my first TV exposure was several years ago on Ready Steady Cook on BBC2 with Ainsley Harriott, cooking with Kevin Woodforde, which has been sold worldwide, as my friends in America have seen it there.

I was a contestant on a short-lived prime-time quiz show called “Judgement Day” hosted by Brian Conley, showing on Saturday nights on ITV1 – I was the night’s winner and won a sports car.

“Breaking into Tesco” highlighted my black-eyed beans and sweet potato pie, and I won through several rounds before losing in the semi-finals : the overall winner was soup in a bun – have you seen this around recently?

I also appeared in the “F” Word with Gordon Ramsey – he told me I was too noisy!!!!

In Spring 2011, I was a contestant in “Come Dine with Me” on Channel 4 – I didn’t win but had lots of fun, and am in fact. with the other contestants, opening a fete at Rodmersham Primary School, Rodmersham Green, between Sittingbourne and Faversham, Kent, on 3rd July 2011.

On Sunday 26th June 2011, I was interviewed by Dotun Adebayo on his live talk show on BBC Radio London about my book “African Fusion Cooking” and some of the recipes.

I am about to provide a recipe every month for a feature in “DA1 Living”, our local Dartford and area magazine – these will be from my book.

I’ll fill in some more details and add some pictures soon.


Nina G

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Saturday, February 1st, 2014

Me & James advert for "AGA"

Me & James advert for "AGA"


I joined James Mckintosh to make advert for AGA in Marylebone High Street. It was decided that I would prepare something”quick” as I was allowed only 45mins from start to finish, so I opted for my yam goulash.  It was a dish that the crew members and James enjoyed tremendously and I was thrilled with the outcome.


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Sunday, April 21st, 2013

Nina playing the part of a Nun

Nina playing the part of a Nun

This is me a.k.a Whoopi Goldberg playing the part of a Nun  for Box TV. It was shot at Abney Park, off  Stoke Newington High Street. Abney Park is a disused cemetery and the Council having  left the Park to fall into disrepair. Some of the Crypts/vaults have been vandalised.  There is a chapel of rest in the middle of the Park, that too, needs repairing as the roof has caved in!!

As for my short film, when it will be released I do not know. Am told I will be informed – no doubt they will!!



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Thursday, March 29th, 2012


This is me on a video shoot for Barchester Healthcare!!


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Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Prima magazine approached me, I gave interview for their magazine and here is the end result!!

Prima magazine article 2012

Prima magazine article 2012

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Sunday, March 18th, 2012

Me on mobility scooter!

Me on mobility scooter!


A friend and I ready for the shoot

A friend and I ready for the shoot


My services were required for a shoot advertising a care home in Redhill in Surrey. On the day of the shoot I had to leave home at 6.30am to catch the 7.03am from Dartford to London Bridge and connect from there to Redhill.  From Redhill station, I was collected by car to the care home. On arrival at the care home, I was given breakfast. Not only was breakfast laid out, there was lunch and tea. It was a very cold day though I was wearing a coat,  the producer said it had to be removed. With so many takes, I’m surprised I did not catch pneumonia!! By 5pm, the producers called it a day and it seemed a good time was had by all!!


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My Media Appearances

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

The Afro News, 15th March 2011 (Press the picture to view in full size)

Daily Mirror- We love telly magazine, 28th June 2011 (Press the picture to view in full size)

The 5 Come Dine with Me Gang!!

Webarticle from Foodepedia, 1st March 2011 (Press the picture to read full article)

Web article- Africa News, 17th February 2011 (Press the picture to read full article)


7th December 2010

Campaign for the Alzheimer’s Research Trust. : Modelling for the Alzheimer’s Trust. It was a campaign aimed at showing that with alzheimer one can lead a normal life in certain circumstances., London, UK


16th October 2009

Media Trust Production – Charity organisation : Filming for low key home safety shoot on Friday 16th Oct. Media Trust which is a charitable organisation that makes films for local authorities, charities and community based groups. I played a 60+ year old pensioner who was robbed in her home., London, UK

My write-up in local magazine Dartford Living

May 2011 – Dartford Living Magazine

A review of my book in the local Dartford and District magazine, together with one of the original recipes from the book. Why yam goulash? Because in fusion, you use lots of influences, so here African cubed yam is cooked in Hungarian paprika, hence calling it “yam goulash”.

Nina Gaskell and her book on pg 12 .. take a look :) xx – July 2011 Issue

Your Essential Guide to Cultural London
Me with chef James Martin
Tuesday 23rd August 2011
Dotun-Adebayo's picture
How to nyam African without being scared
Written by Dotun-Adebayo
02/07/2011 06:42 PM

GASKELL: Hoping to win over Brits to African cooking 

AFRICAN FOOD has never taken off in Britain. Let’s face it, it’s too hot and too ‘foreign’ for an English palate. Compared to food from Nigeria, for example, the popular dishes from India and China that Brits love, have virtually no taste at all. And unlike the chilli stew of Lagos and Badagari, yer average Caribbean jerk and ackee and saltfish don’t even burn your tongue!

I should add that the suspicion that Nigerian cuisine includes the parts of an animal (the gizzards and intestines) that civilised people don’t eat, doesn’t help to engender a fondness for it.

Now, though, one enterprising chef has broken down the fear of African cooking that so many of you who hail form the tropics live in fear of. ‘African Fusion’ cooking is the brainchild of Nina Gaskell. It anglicizes some of my favourite Nigerian dishes and turns them into something an afro-saxon like myself can get our teeth into. Like the African Shepherd’s Pie which uses black eyed beans in place of mincemeat and replaces the grilled mash into sweet potato. I can’t wait to taste her Plantain Goulash.

Her book ‘African Fusion’ is the perfect ‘starter’ for anyone who wants to try cooking from the motherland but was too afraid to do it. And not a gizzard in sight!

Get the book on Amazon or directly from her:

F0llow this link to read more about the article in “The Voice” Magazine:

Your Voice


No quite sir…

Anonymous's picture

Dear Sir,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your article but i must point out the facts were not stated.

There are numerous African restaurants currently being patronized by the British as the food cooked is very delicious and delightful. African food, though spicy can still be enjoyed by our fellow British folks after some education and encouragement.

Levi roots is doing great things for the caribbean side and others like 805 restaurant, mama calabar and djoint foods are also slowly breaking new grounds in taking afro-caribbean cuisine to new grounds.


My Come Dine with Me “Cool Gang” were invited to open the Fete at Rodmersaham Primary School on 3rd July 2011. Rodmersham is a little village in the Parish of Swale Council in Kent. It is near the town of Sittingbourne. My husband was the chauffer for the day, as I am completely hopeless when it comes to finding my way round places. We drove past old farmhouses with thatched roof and lovely green fields with horses and cows grazing side by side. We were very lucky on the day that the sun shone and there was not a cloud in the sky. The road was very busy for many people who were all bound for the fete were driving or walking upon it. When we got to the fete, there were shady areas to shelter from the burning sun!!

Now it was turn for me to do the deed i.e. cutting the ribbon. I was handed the scissors by one of the organisers. And when I was prompted to cut the ribbon to declare the fete open, it was as blunt as “James Blunt” (hahaha). After a couple of tries, I succeeded in cutting the tape to the relief to everyone around and there were cheers of delight. And I then declared the Fete open. We all mingled with the crowd, exchanged pleasantries, drank home made beer, treated ourselves to ice-cream to cool down and finally I patronised a local lady who was selling home-made linen baskets – and I bought one for the grand sum of “£12″!! I love it as it blends with the decor in my house.

So my friends and I departed after spending a couple of hours with everyone and it seems a good time was had by all.


This is me trying to cut the ribbon with a blunt scissors handed over by one of the organisers!! There was hilarity all round.

More fete pictures for you to enjoy!!





PS: here is a picture of me with Bel Mooney at the lunch – don’t I look pretty?
Hello, hello, hello, beautiful people how are you all? I hope my message meets everyone of you in good health. Please do forgive me for being somewhat elusive, but as you know, being a celeb?!!, (please don’t laugh), one takes their time to do things to accommodate others! So I thought am not going to rush, my friends understand, and they can wait. Of course, you don’t mind – do you?

Anyway here I am to tell you of some of the wonderful things that I have been up to:

I attended a literary lunch organised by the Daily Mail on 4th October 2011 at the Royal Lancaster Gate Hotel in the West End which was well attended. We travelled by train to Charing Cross and then by bus through the West End, passing through its theatres and cinemas. I must admit that I had found it difficult to tear myself away from looking at the fashionable shops – all very tempting.

On arrival, there was a champagne reception and then it was time to make your acquaintance with guests who will be at your table before lunch. And to my surprise the guest next to me was the Chair of Champneys Spa clubs.She was there with a friend from the same industry. Guest speakers were Countess of Carnarvon, Robert Hardman (who has just published a book about our present Queen) and Bel Mooney ( writing about her life). The reason for them being there was that they had books to sell and my husband and I (I sound like the Queen!!!) were there in some kind of supporting role (hahaha). Here was I rubbing one’s shoulder with the ‘hoi polloi’ of society. The atmosphere was very convivial and there were hilarity all round when the speeches were made. Food was good, drinks flowed, networked and what more can one ask for.

Thereafter it was book signing session, books sold, comments made, will they read it or won’t they and so on and so forth…………

Then like life, all good things must come to an end. It was time to head home to my palace in Kent, having had such a wonderful time and meeting lovely people from different spheres in the business world.

Do you know what friends, I must go now, it’s past my bed time. I’ll definitely meet up with you next week and this time it’ll be all about foooooooood!!!!!

So long everyone!!

Nina G

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