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Thursday, October 21st, 2010

Hello everybody and how are you? As I mentioned in  my last blog, I stated that I was going away for the weekend to rest my weary head and I did just that, though I missed you all!

We spent time with friends that we had not seen for sometime and it was very convivial with other friends joining us for the evening. All we did was talk, and talk and talk until my jaws were aching! Having said that it was fun and am not complaining.

As I mentioned before I left, I stated that on  my return home safely, I will be showing you a simple breakfast recipe which I am sure you all will enjoy. As you all know, those of you who are still working, just haven ‘t got enough time to sit and have any kind of meaningful food to sustain us in the morning before we leave home for work. So, I have devised this recipe, which I personally find very healthy and nutritious and easy to make.

First of all, prepare your liquidised fruits into smoothie. You’ll need this drink to settle your stomach first thing in the mornin g (this can be done the night before going to bed to save time and left in the fridge) then you need 1 or 2 eggs per person, 2tbsp per person of probiotic or live plain yoghurt, ½tsp vinegar, pinch of salt, and paprika pepper. Poach eggs in the usual way by adding the vinegar in the boiling water for no more than 5 minutes. Remove from heat and drain carefully so that the yoke is in tact and place on warmed plates, top with the yoghurt, sprinkle with the paprika pepper and serve with warm bread or toast. This quick breakfast should sustain you for the best part of the morning before you need your lunch. Nothing  could be easier. One of the mistakes that we make is to leave home on  an  empty stomach for work. This is very detrimental to ones health. So, I implore all my friends out there to line their stomach before leaving home for work!

Another word of wisdom that my mother instilled in  me when I was growing up was not to leave home without a clean underwear. The reason being that in  case of an accident, you are clean underneath. So be warned!

Anyway dear friends, I must leave you now to enjoy the rest of your day, as am heading for bed!

Take care of yourselves and be safe!

Best wishes to you all

Nina G

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